The Woycechowsky Lab

School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

Health Science Platform

Tianjin University

    Welcome to the Woycechowsky Lab in the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at Tianjin University!

    We are a group of people who work in the fields of biochemistry and bionanotechnology. Our research interest lies in proteins- their structures, functions, purification, and engineering. Our projects mostly focus on the self-assembly and guest encapsulation properties of protein capsids. In turn, we seek to use knowledge of these properties to engineer novel capsids that can be useful as nanocarriers for various applications, such as drug delivery, biocatalysis, or materials synthesis. Our experimental approaches encompass techniques in a variety of disciplines, including biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, cell biology, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry. This multidisciplinary approach provides an excellent training environment for students and postdocs interested in learning how to do innovative research at the frontier of protein science.

    Our lab is located in Room 404 of Building No.24 on the Tianjin University Weijin Road Campus. Our research is funded by Tianjin University and National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    Interested in joining us? We currently have openings for postdoctoral associates, Ph.D. students, and Master students. Click HERE to apply. Undergraduate students are also welcome to contact Prof. Kenneth Woycechowsky if you have an interest in scientific research.

Lab News




    想加入我们?我们现在正在招募博士后研究员,以及博士、硕士研究生。点击这里申请。我们同样欢迎对科学研究感兴趣的本科生联系Kenneth Woycechowsky(龙泽肯)教授。

New Lab Members !


Welcome new undergraduate students, Song Xiaohui, Zhang Chuyuan and Zong Jiameng to join our group!

New Lab Members !


Welcome new graduate students, Zhang Xueji and Ali Roshdy, to join our group!

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